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Clare and Ian - Nottingham UK

Our Path to Parenthood 

"My partner and I had been trying to conceive for quite some time, and we were almost at the point of giving up hope. We had tried everything—countless doctor visits, various treatments, and even considering more invasive procedures. But then we stumbled upon a natural solution that changed our lives forever.

From the moment we incorporated this 'secret ingredient' into our daily routine, we felt a renewed sense of hope and vitality. It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle finally started to fit together. We appreciated that it was a natural option, which made us feel more at ease and in harmony with our bodies.

Within just a few months, we received the news we had been waiting for—our family was about to grow! We couldn't believe it; our dreams were finally coming true. We're now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little miracle, and we couldn't be more grateful for the role that this special supplement played in our journey.

We wholeheartedly recommend a more natural path to anyone who is struggling with fertility issues. Sometimes, the answer isn't in a lab or a medical procedure but in nature's own offerings. Thank you for helping us find our miracle."


Dolores and Jim – New Haven, Connecticut USA

Don't Give Up!

"The term 'unexplained infertility' felt like a non-answer. All our tests came back normal, and the medical advice was essentially, 'keep trying.' We had been 'trying' for over two years. Those years were filled with congratulating friends on their new arrivals and attending baby showers, all while hearing, 'you're next.' I had just celebrated my 30th birthday, and both Jim and I had always envisioned a large family with us as young parents. The clock was ticking.

During an emotional lunch with my sister, she shared a story about a friend who had finally conceived. She mentioned that her friend attributed her success in part to a natural supplement. Intrigued and with nothing to lose, I decided to give it a go, albeit with tempered expectations.

Fast forward to five months later, and we were staring at a positive test. I was cautious not to get too excited; we'd been at this point before. It wasn't until after the 12-week scan, when we saw our little 'bean' on the screen, that I allowed myself to truly believe. Today, that 'bean' is our vivacious and delightful daughter, Lily Anne. As we hope to expand our family, we've recently embarked on another regimen, similar to the one that seemed to make all the difference last time. Here's to hoping for a little brother for Lily Anne. Fingers crossed."


Liz and Patrick – San Bernadino, California USA

Success for Us After a Rollercoaster of a Fertility Journey

"Ever since childhood, the dream of becoming a mother was deeply ingrained in me. However, a diagnosis of endometriosis at 25, followed by multiple surgeries for endometriosis and fibroids, made me aware that the path to motherhood might be fraught with challenges.

Patrick and I took our time before diving into the journey of parenthood. We wanted to savor our married life first. When we finally felt ready, I came off birth control and was pleasantly surprised to conceive rather quickly. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived, as I experienced an early miscarriage, followed by another one a few months later. Then, a year passed with no success.

During this time, we consulted a naturopath who advised various lifestyle changes, including using Fertilitysmart supplements,  switching to organic food, nightly fertility massages, and timing our attempts to coincide with my cycle. She also hinted at incorporating a certain supplement to bolster our chances.

Initially, I didn't observe any significant changes. My ovulation was erratic, and my periods remained painful. However, after about three months, things began to stabilize. My cycle became more regular, and the discomfort lessened—feeling like a small miracle on its own.

While our first attempt post-stabilization didn't yield the result we were hoping for, the second one did. The ultrasound revealed not just one, but two heartbeats. Our joy was indescribable, our prayers answered in the form of twins.

The pregnancy was far from easy, marked by first-trimester bleeding and later, gestational diabetes. Our little ones were in a rush to enter the world, arriving 10 weeks early, giving us quite a scare. But in the end, everything turned out beautifully. We were blessed with two robust, healthy boys, making us the proudest parents ever".


Rich and Niruli – Portland, Oregon USA

If only everything in life worked according to plan!

"Like many, I assumed that conceiving would be straightforward. The first time around, it was. Within a couple of months, I was pregnant with our son, Jackson, and enjoyed an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. Two years later, I thought it would be just as simple.

I was sorely mistaken. After six months of trying, we had no success. Tests revealed that I was no longer ovulating consistently, and my cycle had been irregular for years. Further examinations, including a Hystero-salpingogram, showed a blocked fallopian tube. We also found out that Rich had a borderline low sperm count.

Feeling disheartened, we acknowledged how fortunate we were to have Jackson but weren't ready to give up on expanding our family. The emotional toll was beginning to strain our relationship. Around that time, my mother mentioned an article she'd read about natural supplements designed to assist with fertility issues like ours. Soon after, a package arrived at our doorstep.

Over the next few months, things started to look up. My cycles became more regular, falling into a 28-30 day range. An ovulation kit confirmed that I was back on track. Rich also had his sperm count retested, and it had more than doubled! We continued with our regimen, and I'm thrilled to say that Jackson will soon have a little sister."