Sara and Janus - London UK

Our Journey From Despair to Family Joy

"We were yearning to begin our own family, but after over a year of attempts with no success, our hope was dwindling. Our physician advised a shift towards healthier lifestyle choices as a primary step before considering more intensive fertility treatments. Following a thorough investigation, we were inclined to explore a variety of natural supplements, among which was one called Fertilitysmart, drawn to it by its positive reviews and ratings from other couples facing similar fertility challenges.

Over the next six months, Janus and I adhered to the guidelines on the supplement packaging, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing our stress, and keeping regular appointments with our healthcare provider. By the fifth month, joy overcame us as we discovered we were expecting our first child!

We firmly believe that a holistic approach, which included a focus on healthier living and exploring a range of natural products and supplements, significantly aided our journey towards parenthood. Today, we are the elated parents of a healthy baby boy, and our hearts are full. Our voyage was an emotional rollercoaster, but with our physician’s guidance to embrace a holistic strategy, our cherished dream of starting a family has materialized.

We share this testimonial willingly, without any external pressure, incentive, or compensation from Fertilitysmart or any associated entities. We recognize the value of truthful testimonials and their potential influence on others’ choices. It is our hope that sharing our narrative will offer both hope and perspective to other couples embarking on a similar quest towards parenthood."

Ethan and Claire – Alexandria, Virginia USA

Hope to Reality

"The phrase 'unexplained infertility' felt less like a diagnosis and more like a shrug. Despite all tests returning normal results, the best advice we received was a gentle 'keep trying.' However, 'trying' had been our status quo for over two years. Those years were peppered with congratulatory hugs to friends on their new arrivals and cheerful celebrations at baby showers, with the ever-present whisper, 'you're next.' I had recently turned 30, and both Ethan and I harbored dreams of a bustling household with us at the helm as young, energetic parents. Yet, the sands of time seemed to rush through the hourglass.

A heartfelt conversation with my sister during a casual lunch opened a small window of hope, as she narrated the story of a friend who had recently conceived. Her friend had explored natural supplements on her journey, one of which caught my attention. With a blend of desperation and cautious hope, I decided to explore this avenue, albeit with measured expectations.

Five months later, a positive result on the pregnancy test greeted us, yet past disappointments urged caution over my exhilaration. The surreal moment of joy arrived during the 12-week scan, where we glimpsed our tiny 'bean' fluttering on the screen. Today, our 'bean,' Maxine, fills our lives with boundless joy and laughter. As we envision expanding our family further, we've initiated another regimen, similar to the one we followed before, with hope blooming anew for a sibling for Maxine. Here’s to nurturing hopeful hearts for a new chapter in our family tale".


Tom and Lisa Marie – Vancouver Canada

Our Rollercoaster of a Fertility Journey

"Growing up, I always cherished the aspiration of embracing motherhood. However, a diagnosis of endometriosis at the age of 25, coupled with numerous surgeries for endometriosis and fibroids, became a stark reminder that my path to motherhood might not be straightforward.

Tom and I chose to enjoy our marriage fully before stepping into the realm of parenthood. When the time felt right, I ceased birth control and was elated to conceive relatively swiftly. However, the happiness was ephemeral as I endured an early miscarriage, followed by another a few months later. A year of hopeful attempts followed, with no success.

In our quest for solutions, we consulted a naturopath who recommended several lifestyle modifications, including the usage of Fertilitysmart supplements, transitioning to organic foods, nightly fertility massages, and synchronizing our attempts with my menstrual cycle. She also suggested integrating a particular supplement to augment our chances.

Initially, the journey remained rocky. My ovulation was unpredictable, and menstrual pains persisted. Yet, around three months in, I noticed a shift. My cycles regularized, and the discomfort abated—a modest yet hopeful improvement.

Our first endeavor post-stabilization didn’t bear fruit, but the subsequent attempt brought forth elation. The ultrasound unveiled not one, but two beating hearts. Our happiness knew no bounds; our prayers were answered with twins.

The ensuing pregnancy was a bumpy ride, marred by first-trimester bleeding and later, gestational diabetes. Our bundles of joy were eager to greet the world, making their entrance 10 weeks prematurely, which was frightening. However, in the end, all worries dissipated. We were bestowed with two vigorous, healthy boys, making us the most joyful parents.

Nathan and Felicity – Melbourne Australia

Our Second Chance at Expanding Our Family

"Starting our journey to expand our family, like many aspiring parents, we initially believed that conceiving would be a straightforward endeavor. This belief came from our first experience; I conceived our son, Jackson, effortlessly, and enjoyed a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Two years later, I anticipated a similar ease in growing our family.

Contrary to our expectations, reality unfolded differently. Six relentless months of trying bore no fruit. Medical assessments revealed irregularities in my ovulation and an extended irregular menstrual cycle. Further examinations, including a Hystero-salpingogram, identified a blocked fallopian tube. Our concerns deepened when we learned of Nathan's borderline low sperm count.

Amidst the uncertainty, we found solace in our precious Jackson, yet our hearts ached for a larger family. The emotional toll began casting shadows over our bond. During this challenging phase, my mother shared an article about natural supplements tailored to assist with fertility challenges akin to ours. Intrigued, we soon had a package of fertility supplements at our doorstep.

As days merged into months, we observed hopeful changes. My cycles gradually normalized, aligning within a 28-30 day range. An ovulation kit confirmed the restoration of my ovulation cycle. Concurrently, a re-evaluation of Nathan's sperm count revealed a more than twofold improvement! We stayed committed to our regimen, and it is with boundless joy that we now share that Jackson will soon embrace the role of a big brother to a little sister.